Hannah's Attic Estate Sales & Appraisals LLC

Complete Estate Sale Liquidation!


My expectations  were low for what we might get….surprise!!!! The detailed accounting was
impressive! I cashed the check today. Thanks again for the great job you and your team
did. The house sold fast and you all helped me get it to the market at the perfect time!
I  heard from my niece this morning and I wanted to pass on what she said. She said our sale
(she went both days) was extremely well organized and professional with a helpful crew.
She was impressed. I thought you’d like to hear such positive words from someone who
goes to a lot of estate sales. I didn’t know family members (5) planned to attend, they told me
after the fact. Thanks again for all your hard work.
LMD 12/22

Dear Cathye and Wayne,

You did a fantastic job today!  I loved that sale very much and found many items

I had not even noticed in the photographs.  I can’t remember the last time
I spent that much time at a sale — I wanted to make absolutely certain that I
had all the parts for each of six Swedish Christmas angel carousels I dug out
of the basement, and then a nice woman with whom I’d been speaking in
line decided she wanted one, too, so I stayed down here to help her
find all the parts for her carousel.  Most of the carousels down there were a mess,

with extra parts in some boxes and missing parts in others.  It took concentration.

Anyway, I really appreciate all the World’s Fair stuff, the vintage lighters,

the bud vase AND the carousels.  I found the sale really worthwhile.  Thank
you both so much, and seeing you again after this long hiatus was very nice, too!

I am really glad that your company is still out there!!!

See you soon, I imagine, and thank you so much again, guys!

Thank you for all that you did for us – you went above and beyond and dealt so graciously
with our difficulties and challenges.
Your cashier’s check arrived safely in yesterday’s mail, along with the inventory list.

I already deposited the check (remotely) into our own account.  Thanks!

Thanks so much for the time and effort you and your staff spent preparing for and
conducting our estate sale!


Dear Hannah’s Attic, 10/16/21

A great big thank you to all the staff today at the Phinney Ridge sale who made it so easy for me
to manage my purchases. The whole sale was so well organized and everyone on your staff so
friendly–it was really fun! Please share my appreciation with everyone who participated.
I appreciate the help with boxes and packing paper for my big Arabia Ruska purchase,

as well as the general helpfulness each step of the way. Job well done.  : )



Thank you for the great job!! It was a pleasure to work with you. We will highly recommend your services.

HC 2/20


We received the check very quickly. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. You found quite a bit

of stuff to deal with, that was pleasing to know. We are very pleased with the results of the sale.

We will highly recommend you to others. Thanks again for a job well done.

CM 1/20


What an amazing Estate Sale weekend! So appreciate all the work Hannah’s Attic crew did for our sale.

I could not have been happier with the outcome from the weekend.

I will recommend you to anyone that asks! Very profession, honest, efficient,

and great advertising! Between both days we had well over 1500 people!

Thank you again!

KW 5/19


We sold my mom’s house finally and it was like a huge burden was lifted. I’m so grateful to you and

all the “outsiders” who stepped in and helped my brother and me get through this difficult and painful period.



The house sold in two days for the asking price.  Needless to say I am very happy. I appreciate the

work you did to make it happen.  You saved me a lot of work and anxiety in getting rid of all the “stuff”

we left in the house.  Thanks again for all of your work.  I am pleased with the results you obtained

and you relieved me of the anxiety of getting rid of everything.



Enjoyed your warm personality and help finding shopping enjoying experience, one of favorite estate

sale companies keep up you good work always fun experience thank you if at any time you need help

short a man very component on dismantling and sitting up sale or emptying home and most all

courteous would love to work with your crew. 8/13



Wow, Thank you so much my family couldn’t of asked for any better. Your professionalism,

knowledge in the area of Estate Sales is beyond belief. I’m so pleased you organized

everything so well the house now looks empty which I guess that is your objective!

Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.



It has been a few months since our sale but I wanted to thank you again for all you did for us.

The sale was better than expected and we are still getting money from the auction payments.

Thrilled to have had Hannah’s Attic do our sale and we will recommend your services.




From the first phone conversation to the first in-person meeting and all the way through

post-sale activities, I have been delighted with the service and impressed with the expertise

of the Hannah’s Attic team.  Cathye is a thoughtful, honest and compassionate

communicator and demonstrated the highest level of integrity and commitment

throughout the process, ensuring a wonderful result for our family.  She was

gracious and accommodating with all of our questions, and I recommend her

without reservation to anyone in need of this service.




Hi Cathye, I want to report that the check and list arrived and I am fascinated with

the things you sold! I appreciate it very much. Thank you again.




Hi, love your sales!
At the Frazier sale on QA a couple months ago, Wayne saw me,
remembered that I’m a Ballard HS teacher, and steered me to a scrapbook
I’d passed over. He said it was a BHS 1921-25 scrapbook, and it was!
Amazing piece of history.
I shared photos of pages with staff, and our school
newspaper advisor had a reporter interview me about it.
The result is in the issue linked below.
I just want to say I appreciate the knowledge of your staff and
their (and your) interest in history.
Thank Wayne for me, and please share this with him.



Hi Cathye, I just want to say thank you for your service over the weekend. You guys did a

great job and I’m very impressed. Would be happy to serve as a reference moving

forward. Thank you for the itemized list and the cashiers check which came this

afternoon. Appreciate your work……..thank you so much.




The mailperson just delivered your check. Thank you for it and for all of your help.

Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year,

you were great and made my life much, much, much easier.

With great appreciation,




Extremely pleased!! Thank you for all that you did to make this a success!!!



Dear Cathye and Wayne,

Thank you very much for the wonderful estate sale last weekend.  Loved everything I bought,

as usual, and Wayne, my favorite item, one you encouraged me to get, is the two-inch

long brass beetle from India.  I liked it at the sale (along with the brass lizards and cast

iron grasshopper that I got), but now that I have really examined the workmanship,

the beetle is my favorite!  You are a good salesman — honest, kind, and encouraging.

Cathye, I think I told you that my daughter collects vintage soap dishes,

which we have arranged on the wall of her apartment bathroom, and she

totally loved the tiny East Indian soap/butter dish.

All in all, great job, guys, and thank you so very much again.




I was so pleased!! Amazed at what you did. I could not have done this without you. Thank you

so much.



Hi Cathye I wanted to thank you for your diligence in this whole thing and you can keep sending

those checks as long as you can. Thanks again.



Awesome, just awesome. Thank you to your staff for a job well done. Very pleased.



Job well done by you and Wayne. A really really good job. Great job, thank you.



Thank you for all your work on the estate sale. We appreciate your support.



Thank you so much for such a great job!! We could not be happier with the results. Would not

hesitate to refer you to anyone. Thank you!



You did a great job in managing this event as well as respecting the hard work my mom

put into all this. Thank you for all your hard work and don’t hesitate to use me as a

reference!!! DH


Shout out to Hannah’s Attic, Cathye and team. From the first phone call Cathye has been amazing.

It has been one week since our estate sale and the house is clear of everything and clean!!

We received our check a couple days after the sale. I would highly recommend Hannah’s Attic

to anyone who is thinking of a sale. Thank you Cathye for all you have done to make our estate

sale happen and being there for us!!

The Shultice Family


Thank you for all you did for us!!! Loved your helpers these past few days too!!



Dear Cathye,

We wanted to thank you for handling our sale!

We found the idea overwhelming, but you with your

professionalism and realistic approach made it flow like a river with no rocks!

You took 60+ years of treasures antiques, jewelry, china,

silver and realized three times the amount we had anticipated

with over 1000 customers! Just amazing and a very sincere thank

you to you and your very able staff.

Ann and Jerry


Dear Cathye,

Thank you so much for yet another wonderful sale! As usual,

I love everything I bought, and also as usual,

I greatly appreciate all the hard work you, Wayne and your staff put in to make

buying easy for your customers. Everything was laid out beautifully.

Thanks so much again for a wonderful sale, and I’m sure I’ll see you again

at another one soon.




What an amazing Estate Sale weekend! So appreciate all the work Hannah’s Attic

crew did for our sale. I could not have been happier with the outcome

from the weekend.
I will recommend you to anyone that asks!

Very profession, honest, efficient, and great advertising!

Between both days we had well over 500 people!
Thank you again!



Cathye from Hannah’s Attic is top notch! She recently completed the estate sale

at my mother’s house and I couldn’t have been more pleased by the whole

experience. The entire process was explained thoroughly, executed smoothly

and completed very timely with close-out paperwork. She was fast and

furious in her work, and very communicative. But for me, the most

important part of my experience was how kind and caring Cathye

was during such a difficult transition of losing a loved one. I can’t

thank her enough for her gentle and empathetic nature.

With gratitude, Kim.


Hi Cathye, I did receive the check and was very pleased! You’ve been a pleasure to work

with and I have been so happy with all the referrals you have provided.




Received your report and check; appreciated both of them.

John did his work the next day and Tim Conway will have

someone do a final cleanout/up.

I so appreciated your professional manner and competence

throughout the entire process.
Being out-of-state I needed someone I could entirely trust.

You succeeded!

Many thanks.



I got the check today. I really appreciated the itemized list and the goodwill

receipt which I didn’t even think about needing. You were a pleasure to work

with, thank you again!!!



Hannah’s Attic managed our Estate Sale timely and efficiently.  From the first visit to

evaluate our possessions to the final cleanup we were constantly advised of the status.

We received our payment promptly after the finish of the sale.

We recommend Hannah ‘s Attic for your sale.



Thank you for handling this estate sale!! Went much better than expected!!



A couple years after my dad died, my mom suddenly decided to move into a senior’s

apartment. Fortunately, the people at the apartment recommended Hannah’s Attic to

her to run an estate sale. I contacted Cathye at Hannah’s and we began the process

of selling over 50 years’ worth of accumulation. I was impressed with the

efficiency and professionalism of Cathye and her crew. After taking what

the family wanted out of the house, Hannah’s Attic sold, donated, recycled

and otherwise took care of every item in the house in less than a week. My

family was left with a clean and vacant house. Cathye was responsive to all of

my communications and if I wanted anything done that was different than

what they normally did, she easily adapted. She was also extremely polite to my

mom who had a tendency to revisit the home and change her mind on what went

into the estate sale and what did not. Not only did my mom make money, our family

avoided the painstaking process of clearing out the house. I highly recommend

this business.
Kelly K. 2/25



Thank you for all your hard work on my estate sale.

You and your staff were very professional and experienced throughout

the entire process.

You worked through some difficult situations in a very experienced and

direct fashion.

I would recommend your services to anyone looking to hold an estate


MP 1/16



Thank you for everything that you have done to assist with the clean out of Mary’s house.

I am so grateful that I did not have to do this, it would have been overwhelming.



Hi Cathye,
Thank you for performing such a great service for us we appreciated the hard work you and your staff

performed. s forgetting you that would be very difficult.

I admired your business esthetics regarding prior inspections of the sale items.

I shall look forward to you call and thanks you for your services.

Happy Holidays to you also, by handling this sale you have relieved a burden on us

so we can enjoy the holiday much more.

Best regards,
Joe galvin


Just fantastic!! Thank you so much. I will tell all of my friends about your company. I could

not be happier!!!




We want to thank you again for the terrific job you did on our estate sale.

We were so pleased with the results and so happy we found you. We also

to let you know that we have since talked to neighbors and friends

who attended and were impressed by the professionalism and

competence of your staff. In addition, the house looked amazing

after the cleaning crew removed the donated items, etc.

We would not hesitate to recommend you and you may certainly

use us as a reference should you ever have the need. Thank you again!

Thanks very much and all the best,



Cathye and crew,

Our check and inventory arrived today. I just wanted to tell you how pleased

we are with your work–from our first meeting to our final conversation.

I appreciated your honesty, concern, and professional advice to us about what we could do to

help the sale be a success. We did what you suggested (getting rid of large items

that would not sell, making room for tables) and the result was fabulous.

Friends of ours went to the sale and came away feeling like

my mother-in-law’s items were treated respectfully and they also

felt they were treated well as customers. Thanks for making what

seemed like an enormous task turn into a pleasant and fruitful endeavor.

I appreciated the continual communication and thoughtfulness f

rom you. I would definitely recommend your company to others

and enlist your help again if needed.

I am very grateful you were there to help. Your attractive website

is what caught my eye in the beginning. Your thorough and hard

work is what made me happy right to the end.

Judy Wenger


I could not be happier with the results! From our first meeting to the receipt of the check…i

t was beyond my expectations.
Professional in every aspect.


The experience with Hannah’s Attic was superb. They did outstanding work preparing the site,

displaying the items, managing the sale, and cleaning up. I would have no hesitation

recommending Hannah’s Attic to anyone who needs an estate sales agent. DW



I’m not very good at putting together words but I’ll do what I can, all my life

I’ve been an equipment and hardware person not a people person.

There must be a way I can give you a bonus.

I feel you and your crew did a lot of work to prepare and manage the sale.

Please increase your cut of all the proceeds to 50%. Thank you.



Received the check last night.  Roger completed the walk-thru yesterday.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work;  the results were perfect

in every way and I am truly appreciative!



Doug and I were able to get into Bonnie’s house.  Spectacularly beautiful.

Doug was totally amazed and so grateful to you and your team. Thank you.



Thank you, I could never have handled all that work.  Mick referred us to you

and I told him I was really impressed with your group’s work. L.N.


We met the 2 members of the clean out crew; very friendly, they did a

thorough job; house looked great as did the garage and the shed.

You all are fantastic; having never moved ever, did not know how this

was all going to work out! I would most definitely recommend

you to others! Thank you for accepting us as clients realizing we

did not have the antiques, etc that others have. Your services are

so so needed!! Thank you again, Cathye!!

M & D P



High praise to Cathye Carnes and her crew.  The professionalism, compassion, and principled and

orderly approach that Cathye brings to her job is amazing and so appreciated under the circumstances.

Would recommend Hannah’s Attic Estate Sales in a heart beat.  Thank you.



Thank you so much. We are so pleased. Got our check today, so thanks again for everything.



I was thrilled with the services your company provided. I certainly received more than I thought

I would have. House was cleaned and empty. Thank you so much.



Just to let you know I received the check and inventory in the mail yesterday.

Thank you very much for all your work and for handling it so quickly.



Good morning, Cathye!

We received your list of final auction items with check 3 or 4 days ago and have been on the go ever since.

Sorry for the delay in acknowledgement.

Thanks again for all of your services and kindnesses. You made entering this new phase of our lives

much more pleasant than it could have been. We’re fine and happy in our new digs.

Hope all is well and busy with you.

Warmest regards




I went by the house last night and it looks great. With a little more cleaning and window washing it will

be ready for market. Please send the refund and tax slip to my father at the address on the check.

The key you can just dispose of it as we have multiple copies.

I want to thank you for your prompt and good service in helping our family deal with 45

years of accumulation!

Best regards



On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm, kindness and professionalism

when dealing with our parent’s estate. This was a very emotional, hard process for us siblings to let go of

our parents treasures accumulated over 65 years of marriage.

Not only did you provide valuable guidance, you and your team handled the preparation, sale and

clean-up with such respect and made this difficult process better for all involved. Thank you so

much and we are very thankful for you and your team.

The Gunsolus Family


I just wanted to thank you so much. You did a great job. The house looks very good I am so pleased!! Thank you so much!!



Thank you for your work on our behalf. The sale was about what we expected. It was so nice to walk into

a clean house today. It looks as good as it did 62 years ago when my parents purchased it. Great job!!



Thank you so much. This was so much better than we had thought. Will highly recommend your service. Thank you

thank you thank you.

Scott S.


I received my check today and still can’t believe what things sold for. Thank you so much. I was very surprised and happy!

Glad we chose your company. R.L.


Mom received her check and inventory list.  And, THANK YOU for all you’ve done for us…..we are very pleased and will

definitely recommend your services and hopefully you’ve gained some new clients with our sale.  We believe the house is sold….

papers signed just waiting for inspection and closing.  Mom was OK seeing the house empty and we were both relieved

beyond words because this has been a long, difficult and tedious process.  I’m going over on Thurs and Fri to help her get

the boxes unpacked (all over her floor) and get a bit more organized.  Our very best to you and your upcoming sales.

Later, Sherry and Val



I was completely surprised at the results of the sale. My junk sold for a lot of money. I am so glad I called you!!

Thank you.



We received the check and the inventory lists yesterday and were greatly pleased by the results.

You and your crew did a great job! Many, many thanks.

As very satisfied customers we certainly won’t hesitate to refer you to others in need of your services

We’ll certainly speak well of you to our agent. Please keep us posted about upcoming auction news and results.

Fondest regards,
D &M C


Thank you so much. You far exceeded my expectations. I will recommend your service to anyone!!! C.H.


Hannah’s Attic, thank you for doing an amazing job on Seafair weekend. I was so surprised. Most everything sold

and the money I made was certainly more than I had thought. A lot of work went into what you did. Well done. MF




Thank you for all your hard work! You saved my sister and me from an overwhelming, heart-wrenching task, and you

did it with such professionalism and care. My immense gratitude to you and your staff for your conscientiousness,

follow-through and commitment.

If any of my family or friends wish to sell a particular piece in one of your upcoming estate sales, may we include a

particular item? It would not be for a while, but it’s nice to know if we can utilize your expertise.

Again, thank you so much for everything. Your business is an impressive one and fills a much-needed requirement.

With warmest regards,



Hannah’s Attic was prompt, thoughtful and thorough in providing cleanout services for my mother’s apartment at Aljoya.

You responded quickly, provided clear advice on what property was suitable for sale or auction and what property should be donated

You quoted a firm, fair price, provided an expert crew, and a timely cleanout of the apartment, down to the last scrap of paper.

I’d particularly recommend Hannah’s Attic when an on-site estate sale is not possible; there are lots of people

willing to run an estate sale for you, but not many who can provide comprehensive services to an estate when

an on-site sale is not possible.

Stuart Offer


Dear Cathye,

We received the check for auction proceeds and were (once again) impressed with your work and professionalism:

you know extremely well what you’re doing. We have already shared your card with others – the highest

compliment we can pay!! Thank you so much for assisting us though this transition. Sincerely, The Currys


Cathye and Crew- Thank you SO VERY MUCH for doing an amazing job at my folks’ house.

The task of emptying the family home, after 53 years was overwhelming for me. Your company was so helpful,

professional, courteous and thorough! Hannah’ Attic was the perfect estate sale company to help me

on this part of the journey. I can’t thank you enough and will recommend you highly! Nice to reconnect with my childhood

friend as well, who understands that there were NO BREYER HORSES included in sale! Thanks again. K.T.


I recently used the services of Hannah’s Attic for my estate sale.

I had more than 50 years of belongings—a combination of mid-level value and everyday items—that I needed to

sort, categorize and price.

It was my family’s lifetime of possessions, and the job was daunting, exhausting, and emotional. Fortunately, I found Hannah’s Attic.

I met with owner Cathye Carnes who was equally compassionate and efficient. She explained her services and then took charge.

What had taken me months to weed through (and barely scratch the surface) took her team just a few days to expertly tackle and accomplish.

The sale was managed with professional efficiency and we grossed three times the amount we anticipated.

Afterward, the swift, expert cleanout of unsold items was another level of service for which I was so grateful.

For anyone facing the overwhelming but necessary task of emptying a house of beloved property, I highly recommend the

services of Hannah’s Attic. J.L.


Thank you so much for all your company did!! I was very glad we hired Hannah’s Attic. We couldn’t be happier. From start

to finish it was a great experience.  We made so much more than I would have thought. The house looked so good when you

were done and your crew even helped me with a leaky bathroom. Thanks again I will highly recommend you. E.G.L.


I wanted to thank you and say that I am very impressed!  I will instruct all our clients to never throw anything out again! D.L.


Payment received in full!!! Thanks again for a most successful estate sale!! B.C.


Many kind thanks! Payment arrived in good order.

Thanks for the itemized list of what sold. Very professional and much appreciated!
It was a joy doing business with you!!

Brother Andreas will be pleased when I cut him a check for his share.

Best Holiday wishes,

– Kaj


I am so happy to have gone through this journey with you and your help, you will never know how much I

appreciate you and all your support and hard work! It was so nice working with you, you really helped me

out so much… I wish you could have organized my move too!!!!
Thank you my friend!


I would not hesitate to recommend Cathye and her team at Hannah’s Attic. We were not a particularly large and lucrative sale.

In fact, I was a bit dejected after getting turned down by another estate sale company that made me feel like my stuff was worthless.

Cathye stepped in with confidence that she could get the job done and would take care of me in a tough situation.

This service was invaluable and it made a high stress situation so much easier. She communicated all throughout the process

and held a very successful sale given what she had to work with. The house was cleaned out as promised for a very reasonable fee.

I’m so grateful for Hannah’s Attic. Thank you so much!
Sally Rusk



Moving can be a very stressful experience, especially when the need to downsize is a factor. I hired Hannah’s Attic to help me

and it has been a wonderful experience!! They are so kind and support of and work so hard… I was amazed with them, and

all they did, and the tons of people that came to the Estate Sale and bought.. What a wonderful experience this whole journey

has been. Thank you Cathye and your crew!!!!



I truly appreciate the wonderful service that you and your staff provided for the recent estate sale at our home in Lake Forest

Park. I am sure you know how difficult a move like ours was–where we moved from our long time residence and had to leave

many of our possessions behind. I was so very pleased with the way the sale was set up. Our sale items looked card for–

the house did not look as though it belonged to old people who couldn’t cope anymore. I was not embarrassed to have

the neighbors come and shop. I have heard from several neighbors who visited the sale that your staff was so pleasant

and helpful and they were impressed that the number of shoppers in the house was limited. I appreciate that as well.

Another neighbor reported that he appreciated the fact that no cars were parked so his access to his garage was blocked.

It is a great relief to have the house empty and ready for the next owners and I have already given your name to some

others who are contemplating a move such as ours. Thank you for making a difficult transition much easier than I

thought it would be. Sincerely. CO



Cathye did a great job for us — she explained everything thoroughly, netted us quite a bit more than we expected, and was a

pleasure to work with throughout the process.  –B.A.


Thank you Hannah’s Attic. You exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the services you have provided and the

house looks great!! K.G.



Thanks for the very prompt and professional service, you were excellent!  G.B.


“Hannah’s Attic handled an unusual situation for me with professionalism and care. I have a family member who collected/hoarded a variety of unique and/or valuable items for many years. After a serious intervention and clean out of the family member’s home – the items – literally hundreds of boxes of 1000s of unsorted items – went to a 10×10 storage locker where they sat for several years. When I finally thought I could begin tackling the boxes, Cathye and Wayne met us at the storage locker, advised us how to begin, helped sort through some of the items, and even brought in an expert to appraise some of the items. Some items went to auction, some were sold in other Hannah’s Attic estate sales, some in a garage sale type environment, and some were donated to a charitable organization who could actually utilize some of the unique items.
This process took several months rather than the usual weekend “Estate Sale”. Cathye and Wayne did everything possible sell the items and maximize the profit for my family member. They took on a client project that was out of their “norm” and one that was likely much more work for them than their usual business model. I highly recommend Hannah’s Attic. They are honest, professional, knowledgeable, and really NICE people. E.R.”


Cathye and her crew, especially Wayne, did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them to anybody needing estate sale services. #Doug@windermere


Hannah’s Attic not only made the process so very easy but really saved us emotionally and physically.  All of our past treasures were placed in the best of hands and we feel great about dissolving 55 years of stuff that we had no clue of what to do with. We walked away with money in our pockets and every cupboard and floor swept out.  What a treat.  A definite necessity for anyone needing to move forward with no regrets …and no hassle.

Sally M.



Thanks, again, for all the work and clean up.  The house truly looks amazing. I was telling some friends that it’s surreal, weird, and good at the same time to see all out family stuff gone. Thank you for your help accomplishing this.



I couldn’t be happier.  I did not know what to expect. It is a good service I recommend you. You have been so kind, patient and truthful. It’s a good service. Again, thank you so much I really appreciate the way you do business. Merry Christmas.

Ruth M.


Great job!  Even though it’s sad for me right now to see the empty house, it is also a relief and a good thing to have done.  I never could have handled it myself.  So I appreciate you and what you did for us!



Good decisions made all round and family is so relieved and amazed to have this phase dealt with and money to boot.  Great job and I’ll be happy to refer to you with the realtor, etc.  It will be nice to see how it goes with the auction, too.

M. Sears


I met Joanie at the house and it looks great! All swept and ready for the landlord. You all did a fabulous job! I LOVED seeing that house empty. And I’m thrilled that you were able to sell even more than I anticipated. You were wonderful to work with, professional, and did exactly what you said you would do and when you were going to do it. Thank you so much!!



Cathye-Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the estate sale done. I never thought it would ever be cleaned out!! Thanks also for making a very difficult time in our lives just a little bit easier. Everyone did such a great job,( you, Wayne, Brian, Joannie, and anyone else who helped). You managed to clear out a house in a week that we thought would take many years! Thanks again and we will recommend you to anybody we know that needs the same kind of professional help.    Fred and Donna


We want to thank Cathye Carnes of Hannah’s Attic for the amazing job she and her team accomplished at our Mercer Island home recently.  After the movers picked up the items we wanted at our new and downsized home, Cathye’s crew spent several days organizing, pricing and displaying our remaining items, getting ready for the sale.  She does all of the advertising and publicity and they work in an extremely professional, efficient and caring manner.  They were aware of our neighbor’s needs and concerns, including parking issues and traffic control.  Immediately after the sale, she paid us in cash, complete with an itemization, of all items sold.


An extremely important part of the service includes:

1.  Remaining items are removed from the home.

2.  Some items go to auction for which we will receive a percentage.

3.  Some items go to the charity service of our choice.

4.  The rest is hauled to the dump.


The house is then broom cleaned/vacuumed, totally empty and ready for the new owners to move in.


We highly recommend Hannah’s Attic for estate sale liquidation services.  They have made our move so much easier and eliminated all of the pressures and time- consuming details of finalizing those last days in our home.


Thank you Cathye, and to all of your wonderful team as well,


Penny and Dennis, Mercer Island, Washington


The Hannah’s Attic crew were great to work with. It’s clear they know their industry and the Puget Sound market. Most importantly, they obviously enjoy their work and are respectful of the fact that they are coming into your house, or your family’s residence, to sell items that once made a house a home. They treat you and your property with the same respect they would their own family. They are at once personable, very pleasant, straightforward, concise and professional. I enthusiastically recommend them (including Frodo the Guard Dog!)

-Laurie Rose 
Cathye, Thank you so much for your advice, assistance & guidance with our estate sale. It was an overwhelming task for our family to deal with in light o the circumstances, and your team took care of so many little things for us. Your process was organized, your team well trained & the outcome was so much better than we had hoped. We never would have known where to begin without you. Thank you again! -Sam Cunningham

The sale – we are more than happy about the sale that you conducted for us.  We sure couldn’t have done it ourselves and especially not that successfully. I’m sure you won’t mind if I give your contact info out to some of Mary’s friends if they ask, they are all getting up there in years.  I’m sure glad that Debbie got us together.

Thanks again



Cathye provided invaluable advice and assistance with my estate sale !!  She also worked with me long distance and within my time constraints.  I am so grateful for her help and was very satisfied with the results !!    –Jennifer, Melbourne, FL
Thank you.  It was a pleasure working with you.  It is good to have someone like you to recommend to others.
King K. Jones


Cathye and Wayne are highly professional and go out of their way to accommodate their customers.  They took great care in  helping us make certain that only the items intended for sale were sold.  This put our minds at ease so that we needn’t worry that items that had sentimental value didn’t get into the mix.  The net “profit” far exceeded our expectations, which demonstrates their level of expertise in understanding the market.  Furthermore, when the time came to have the house completely cleared so that we could move toward the upgrading phase, I was up against a deadline.  Despite the fact that this was the week of Thanksgiving, Cathye and Wayne made time to return to the house and arrange for a colleague to take care of the final clearing.  The house was beautifully cleared the day after Thanksgiving!  They truly went that extra mile for us.  We would happily recommend Hannah’s Attic in the future to friends.  Thank you, Cathye and Wayne.   Lauri in Bellevue



Thanks so much for the professional job you and Wayne did in divulging  my mom’s  home of all her years of “collective stuff”.  I’m pleased to refer any other baby boomers in similar straits to you and know they will appreciate your care and concern, as well as your knowledge.  Roxanne


Dear Hannah’s Attic,

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the time and hard work you put into preparing for, and executing my estate sale.  It was a very stressful and labor intensive project that I would not have been able to do without you and your crew.  You made the experience a positive one for me and my family and we are very pleased with the outcome.  The profits were way beyond our expectations.  I would happily recommend your services to my friends and associates.

Thank you,

Kathleen Graves

West Seattle

Dear Cathye and Wayne,We were very pleased with the way you handled the entire estate sale process.  Everything went smoothly and professionally.  And, it was a very enjoyable experience.  We were pleasantly surprised at the quantity of items that sold.  As you know, there is very little left.
We would certainly recommend you to anyone contemplating a sale.When the time comes that we are ready to move, we will contact you to conduct another sale.Sincerely,Mary and Bob
Just want to say thanks to Cathye, Wayne and crew for making our Estate sale so great. It is nice to deal with people who are so good at what they do and also demonstrate unwavering integrity. Thanks so much! You not only sell treasures, you ARE treasures!

Edward Z.

Thanks again, Cathye, for the great job that you, Wayne and your staff did.  We so appreciate it!Jan


Hi Cathye and Wayne,

You guys did a great job and we really appreciated all of the work that went into the sale. Your approach to the sale enabled us to get rid of a lot of things.

I also wanted to let you know that Joni and Brian did a nice job of clearing out the house afterwards.  They were communicative with me when they needed clarification.  They were easy to deal with and left the house clean.  She even vacuumed the entire upstairs.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs these kinds of services.

Thanks again.

Craig Hooper

“Cathye & Wayne…your an awesome team! Doug and I cannot thank you enough for all you did this past weekend. Mom’s estate sale was a HUGE success and it was all due to your hard work and dedication to make so. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to next month when you’ll weave your magic when we move! Without a doubt, we’ll be telling everyone we know about your services and your website!”
Good job on my estate sale, Cathye–alot of stuff was purchased and your clean up crew did a good job of taking all the left-over items to Good Will. Thank you very much. Nancy M
Dear Cathye and staff of Hannah’s Attic,
I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us and how greatly we appreciate the effective and sensitive way you did it all. Even as organized by nature as I am, I was completely overwhelmed at the mere thought of what lied ahead in downsizing from 3,000 to 1,300 square feet. With both sets of our parents deceased, we had a lot of stuff and a lot of it had tremendous sentimental value. I knew this daunting project was something I needed help with in order to get it done and get it done on time. Fortunately, I know my limitations and knew this job required a professional. I had heard from several people what an amazing job Cathye Carnes and her team at Hannah’s Attic does with estate sales. After meeting Cathye, it was clear to me I could trust her years of expertise to handle each and every detail of our sale from start to finish. Cathye truly understands how profoundly stressful and emotional the entire process is and provides every service that’s needed to assure it all goes as smoothly as possible, including a team of individuals who haul off what’s left from the sale to distribute to various charity organizations. I can’t thank Hannah’s Attic enough for knowing exactly what to do and how to do it — all along making us feel very well taken care of in a compassionate and professional manner, while respectfully handling our feelings as well as our possessions. Bless you!
Warmest regards,
Cynthia Shifrin
Cathye, my Mom and I couldn’t be more pleased with the great job you and
Wayne did with her estate/house sale.  We were in a time crunch, and you
were able to really work with a compressed schedule – being able to meet
with us the day after we contacted you, scheduling the sale within 3 weeks,
and then only having two days to do all your pricing and prep.  You guys
really pulled out all the stops for us.  I also appreciate your ‘can do’
attitude given the difficult location of my mother’s house and the great
turnout which speaks to the large following you’ve built up over Facebook
and other places.  Receiving the sale proceeds and a detailed inventory at
10:00 am the day after the sale ended speaks to what a great process you’ve
set up to manage the sale.  We won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone
else looking to downsize or move.  Thanks again!

Pam Norton


Cathye Carnes from Hannah’s Attic was extremely helpful in managing our estate sales and working with through a horrendous hoarding situation my parents had left. The complexity of the situation and the sheer magnitude of the things to get through was overwhelming to say the least, but Cathye handled it with a constant smile and upbeat attitude. She was not only highly effective and professional at managing things from end-to-end which included sorting, pricing and handling the sales, but she took the pressure off of our family during a very traumatic moment in our lives.

I would highly recommend Cathye and Hannah’s Attic for anyone needing to put on an estate sale as well as one trying to deal with a hoarding situation and a need for a large estate sale – no job is too big or small for her and we are extremely grateful for all the hard work she has done.

M. Shomaker


Hi Cathye,
Sorry I haven’t written lately, but have been busy with lots of things, but nothing in particular.  You know how that goes!!!
Thanks for all you have done to wrap things up for us with Eva’s things.  You’ll never know how much we appreciated everything, and it’s so good to know we won’t have to move that furniture again or have to worry about anything in relation to all that.
Thanks for all your hard work, all your suggestions, your advice, and your wisdom when it came to “being there” for us for the last year.  I think of you every time I look at that cute elephant you said I needed to take with me!!!  How “he” made it onto that old bed we were sleeping on is still unknown, but I think he made it with Cathye’s help!!!
With our thanks and love,            Marlene

Hello Cathy.How are you doing?  Did you suffer any problems because of the horrible rain on Monday?I want to thank you again for the successful estate sale.  I’m especially grateful because water came into the basement of the house on Monday and many things would have been ruined.  That would have been terribly sad.Drop me a note and tell me what you are doing.  I’d love to stay in touch.Thanks again,Margot


Given on Wed Mar 25, 2009.

Cathye is exceptional at what she does. I have referred several clients to her that look at me as the hero because Cathye was able to serve their needs above and beyond what they could expect. Cathye is always appreciative of her clients providing excellent customer service and follow-up. She has a very strong knowledge of art and antiques and can even lend tips on decorating ideas. Cathye is a must have person on your vendor list!


Given on Mon Feb 2, 2009.

I have called upon Cathye several times to help my clients clear out their estate items. From large lots to…complete homes.

I have called upon Cathye several times to help my clients clear out their estate items. From large lots to smaller groupings, Cathye is able to handle it all. Working quickly and efficiently to get the best prices for absolutely everything I have brought to her – she was even able to sell an old sitar!

I love working with her and her team. If you have something to sell call Cathye


Cathye and Wayne – thank you so much! Our sale this weekend was over-the-top successful, thanks to your experience and professionalism. We couldn’t be happier – you took the stress off our shoulders and handled the sale, allowing us to get other things done for our move! Again, thank you – we’ll be happy to tell our… friends and family about your services. And thank you to Joni – you did a great job of clean up afterwards – what a great service you all provide! Thanks a million! Cheryl and Dee