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    • Please note for security purposes that the sites address will not be always be posted¬†on Friday some sales address will be posted 3 hours prior to sale. Neighbors will be notified as well as law enforcement of the sale dates and times.
    • If you start a list we will honor it if you are all there.
    • Security on site prior and during sale.
    • Parents must at all times attend to their children! (some sales children will not be allowed – sorry!)








July 13 & 14 Burien – 70 years of treasures…..total treasure trove! – 1427 SW 129th St. Burien 98146

Sunday 50% Off!!

Fabric $5 a bag!!!! 

Yarn – make a huge pile for a better deal!!

3 floors PACKED full of over 70 years of treasures. Vintage toys, vintage rugs, tools and more. Plus lady of the house was a huge crafter. Industrial sewing machine, tons of fabric, wool yarn, full kitchen, Miele washer and dryer, fridge and so much more. This house is a total TREASURE TROVE!! Do not miss this one!!

**Due to the volume of stuff no children will be allowed at this sale due to client’s wishes – sorry. Dealers please bring a hard copy of your resellers cert. Hope to have WIFI for cards but you know how that goes…..

This house is PACKED full right now a digger.

There is SO MUCH STUFF!! Over 70 years accumulated……nothing ever thrown out.

Here are some of the many highlights:

One of the best sales……so much stuff!! All vintage!!


Tons of vintage toys and dolls. So many we keep finding boxes more. Super cool old bears.

Tons of REALLY GREAT Vintage clothing. Ladies dresses from 1950’s-1970’s most of them dry cleaned. Women’s clothing sizes small to medium.

Vintage hats.

Vintage shoes and one pair cowboy boots.

Vintage aprons.

Vintage ladies bathing suit and cap. Men’s trunks.


Tons of old postcards.

Tons and tons of old black and white photos.



Antique clocks.

Tons of tools, tool room is a digger.


Record albums.

Some stereo gear.

Lady of the house was a big crafter.

Tons of wool yarn. More yarn than a yarn store. Some of the best wool yarn we have seen.

Rooms full of fabric, some vintage. Bolts of fabric, scraps, yardage and more. Fabric $5.00 a bag Sunday – fill a grocery store bag!!!

Sewing patterns.

Zippers, buttons, more.

Drapery material and rods.

Perfect for quilters!!! Tons and tons of fabric bolts as well as scraps, batting and more.

Fabric including bolts, vintage, antique, scraps and more!! TONS!!!

2 Industrial Pfaff sewing machines.

Quilts and quilt tops.

Vintage wool blankets.

Doll making supplies including bisque heads, clothing, molds and more.

Vintage brown Tabriz carpet.

Large room size Karastan carpet.

White damask Harden sofa, beautiful.

2 twin beds.

Ethan Allen dresser.

Heywood Wakefield tables, bookcases and more.

TONS AND TONS of canning supplies.

Full kitchen, pots/pans and more.

***New Miele front loading washer and dryer – discounted.

Tons of china mostly very old. Many different full and partial sets of Spode.

Old glassware including Pyrex, Cambridge and more.



Tons of vintage jewelry. Vintage rhinestones some signed, some sterling, pocket watch, other misc vintage watches, clip rhinestone earrings….so much more.

Vintage luggage.

Vintage magazines.

Tons of books, vintage, antique and more.

Old paper.

Huge amount of cookbooks.

***Whirlpool fridge discounted.

Kenmore “coffin” freezer newer.

Wrapping paper.

Christmas lights.


There is so much more than listed!!.

Tons of dried flowers and floral arranging.

Mountains of boxes needing to be unpacked – we hope to have it completed by the sale!!

No way is this all going to be priced. Please be patient……we will do the best we can!! There is a TON of stuff to dig through.

Security on site as well as alarmed house with cameras.

Do NOT miss this amazing vintage sale!!!


July 27 & 28 Issaquah

2 floors of 50+ years of accumulation. This house is PACKED full!!! MCM bedroom set, vintage toys including HO trains, record albums, vintage stereo gear and more. Full kitchen, tools, fabrics, sewing items and so much more. Something for everyone at this packed sale.


August 10 & 11 West Seattle

70+ years. THE BOMB!!! 2 floors PACKED full plus outbuilding , packed with automotive tools, boat building tools and tools tools tools. Ford Cleveland engine, rolling tool racks, Victrola, old dolls, antique furniture, old luggage, trunks, figurines. 70+ years of huge accumulation. This is fantastic. Do not do not miss this.


August 24 & 25 Mercer Island

Mid Century Modern and antiques!! This house has it all. Nothing touched since 1973. 2 floors packed full with the BEST!! MCM furniture, MCM light fixtures, antique oak kitchen queen, silver, depression glass, vintage clothing, amazing jewelry, vintage/antique toys, spool cabinet, antique coffer chest, record albums, stereo gear, MCM floating shelving……so much more the MCM bomb. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!


September 7 & 8 Mercer Island 70+ years!

Multi-generations and over 70 years of antiques, mid century and so much more. House is overflowing with treasures. Seafair, vintage toys, tons of great vintage clothing, jewelry, ephemera, and so much more. This house is AMAZING!!! Do NOT miss this fabulous sale!!!!!


September 21 & 22 Mercer Island MID CENTURY MODERN & MORE

3 floors filled with treasures from the past. Old Mercer Island! Mid Century teak furniture, lighting, antiques and more. Tons of books, huge collection of 78 records, custom Olhausen pool table, Victrola, tool room and more. Do not miss this fabulous MCM & more sale!!