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Complete Estate Sale Liquidation!
    • Cash  only. No checks.
    • Sales Tax WILL be collected. If you do not wish to pay tax bring your resellers certificate.
    • Pricing information or any other questions will not be available prior to the sale. We are busy setting up!
    • Not responsible for accidents or injuries.
    • Please no emails or phone calls with inquires. Due to the huge amount of work we have we are not able to respond!
    • You will need to haul your own items, DO NOT ASK OUR STAFF!
    • No refunds or returns. All sales are final.
    • Hold areas in main room while you shop. Please be sure you want something before placing it on hold. This is like marriage, a commitment. If you hold something you bought it.
    • Please note for security purposes that the sites address will not be always be posted on Friday some sales address will be posted 3 hours prior to sale. Neighbors will be notified as well as law enforcement of the sale dates and times.
    • If you start a list we will honor it if you are all there.
    • Security on site prior and during sale.
    • Parents must at all times attend to their children! (some sales children will not be allowed – sorry!)
    • Backpacks, large purses and bags are not allowed, should you bring them in they are subject to inspection. **Empty boxes ok.
    • After the sale closes on the final day there are no more sales.





July 21 & 22 Kirkland

Get ready for part 2 of incredible HOARDER sale. Hoarding in the most amazing way!!! Antiques, collectibles and sooooooo much more. Do not miss part 2 the grand finale!!! Everything from sale #1 is gone and now we are unpacking the boxes from the off limits rooms and garage. This sale is WAY better than sale #1. We saved the best for last. There is more stuff than last time!! Here are some of the items you will find:

2 floors of antique HOARDER. 2 floors piled high floor to ceiling. Some of the most amazing treasures include: motion lamps, huge collections of stuff! Atkinson Fox prints, antiques, head vases, Fenton collection, Carnival glass, Roseville, art pottery, primitives…………so much more. Unbelievable amounts of stuff. Some of the best stuff we have seen. This time the entire house will be open including garage. Do not miss this sale! We emptied out everything from the last sale and this is all the boxes of stuff from the rooms that were not opened. Now the entire house and garage will be open and jammed full.

The most antique smalls we have seen in one home. Enough to open a store or stores. We have not seen this type of volume.

This will be a “digger” sale. There is so much volume here and we have no way to display it all. We apologize that it isn’t perfectly set up like usual, sadly there isn’t enough space to put everything out so its in boxes to dig through. The better stuff will be priced and mostly on tables but so much of it will be in boxes some priced and some not. The volume of items here is staggering. Per the clients request we will not be allowing children, large purses or backpacks – sorry about that there is barely enough room to walk in this house. Never have we seen this much stuff. The house and garage are PACKED FULL!

60+ years of buying from every antique mall from here to the East Coast.


Van Briggle.

2 vintage Pendleton blankets.

Some old postcards.

Russel Wright.

Head Vase collection.


2 TV lamps.

Smith Miller truck.

6 Motion lamps.

Fenton fenton fenton.

Carnival glass.

Tons of pink and green depression glass.

Huge amount of silhouettes.

Huge amount of antique/vintage prints.

Tons of Fenton. Fenton Burmese, hobnail, figures, Fenton clocks, Fenton lamps, fairy lamps, artist signed and more Fenton that we have ever seen. Ever.

Vintage clothing including rayon dresses, antique and vintage hats and more. Some great 1970’s vintage a few with tag still attached!

Vintage purses, gloves and compacts.

Tons of dish sets and partial dish sets.

Every brand of china represented.

Depression glass in all colors and patterns.

Bosson figures.

Royal Doulton figurines.


Seattle World’s Fair glasses.

Vaseline glass.




Custard glass.

Slag glass.

Satin glass.


R. Atkinson Fox prints.

Boxes of old prints.

Figurines of people and animals.



Mirrors and pictures.


Parish prints.

Hull pottery.

Hall pottery.

Full kitchen.

The largest collection of salt and peppers ever.

Tons of Vintage/antique linens. Boxes and boxes full. Some blankets. Many printed tablecloths, embroidery and more.

Also some new things in boxes, Royal Albert, sheet sets, crystal and more.

We discovered some furniture buried under the boxes which include a MCM black designline cabinet, a couple of dressers, an Eastlake settee, a black lacquer Asian table and more.

Thimble collection.

Wade figurine collection.

Old crocks.

Red wing pottery.

Longaberger pottery.

Cookie jars.

Hamm’s beer light (should be a motion lamp but motion needs tweaking) does light up.

Tons of jewelry. Mostly rhinestones many signed such as Weiss, Hollycraft and more. Rhinestones rhinestones rhinestones! Tons of earrings and bagged lots. We keep finding more jewelry. There is a literal mountain of jewelry!

Old canoe.

Old gumball machine.

Everything is in PRISTINE condition! No cracks, chips or damage.

MCM hutch,

Something for everyone at this sale. Multiples of everything.

This is the BEST sale we have seen in a very long time. You will want to plan to attend this one it is amazing.

We have never seen this volume of really great antiques/vintage.

This is ALL NEW STUFF that was hoarded away in 2 rooms and garage. What an amazing amount of stuff!!!

**This is a cash only sale. Thanks.

Security on site as well as alarmed house with cameras.

A stellar sale not to be missed.


July 28 & 29 Eastlake Area of Seattle

2 floors of super cool vintage home filled with TREASURES!! The lady of house (also an esteemed doctor) loved to shop. Tons of amazing clothing and accessories by designer labels like Chanel and more. She loved to shop at Neiman Marcus and the closets FILLED with goodies. Sizes small through medium.  The BEST furniture such as a Mizoya Keyaki wood apothecary cabinet circa 1850, Moderne artist made dining table (Richard Krell of Texas), Persian carpets and so much more. Do not DO NOT miss this amazing sale!!


August 4 & 5 Bellevue

Family bought this house in 1965 and many of the original furnishings and lamps are still present. Also included is a NEW Hyundai Elantra 2017 with 1,777 miles!!!! 2 floors full of MCM, jewelry, Honda generator, tools, vintage clothing and a fabulous brand new car plus so much more!!! Do not miss out on this amazing sale!!!!


August 11 & 12 Kirkland

2 floors of antiques and treasures!! Lady of the house was an extreme collector!!! Antiques, primitives, paintings, 2 MCM couches, antique clocks, antique oak file cabinets, old wood boxes, trunks filled, attic full, barn and outbuildings. This is a fantastic antiques sale. Do not miss!!


August 25 & 26 Mercer Island

3 floors of OLD Mercer Island. Family has lived in home over 60 years. Packed full of antiques and Victorian treasures. Primitives, extensive jewelry and so much more. Do not miss out on this one!!!


September 8 & 9 Leschi Seattle

50+ years of SUPER AMAZING Collections!!! They collected antique and vintage carousel horses we have 7 of them to sell. Seattle World’s Fair collectibles, Elvis collectibles including a life size nutcracker,  Antique pie safe, Vintage American flyer O gauge trains, Old antique oak hardware cabinet display (was in an actual hardware store).  So much more!!!!!! This is the BEST. Do not do not miss this super amazing sale.